World Cup 2016 Meeting

Subsequently to the 1st EuroCup 2014 in Berlin, a Sailors Meeting was held with the topic “22 sqm EuroCup, as we go further…”. The proposal to sail the next EuroCup 2016 in Flensburg, arranged by Oliver Berking, met great approval among the sailors.

After a face-to-face conversation with Oliver Berking in Berlin, Adrian Schmidlin and Oliver Berking decided to call a meeting end of 2014 in Flensburg.

In addition to take sailors’ interests from different regions into account, the international 22 sqm Working Group has been increased with sailors from Sweden and German Baltic coast.

The meeting was held the 22nd November with attendees from Sweden, Germany and Switzerland at Flensburger Segel-Club e.V., Glücksburg. The meeting had the form of a round table discussion, which was held in the frame of a prepared agenda.

Oliver Berking proposed to host a World Cup instead of a EuroCup. The Robbe & Berking World Cup 2016 Flensburg will take place 1st – 4th September 2016.

See Minutes of Meeting 22 sqm Meeting Flensburg – Minutes.

The Working Group wish you all a Happy New Year!