Int. Working Group

Many Swedish 22 sqm yachts have been purchased by sailors, mainly in northern Germany. Yachts have also been exported to England, France, Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria and can be found in various locations.

Up until a few years ago, there was hardly any international networking on the level of the 22 sqm yacht class and its sailors. For sailors who wanted a class event outside of Sweden, the lakes around Berlin and the German Baltic coast are the natural regatta area, on which a large number of 22 sqm skerry cruisers are stationed.

At the request and initiative of some 22 sqm sailors, the first international Cup of 22 sqm skerry cruisers took place on the Wannsee in Berlin in September 2014. The working group was formed in this context and in an effort to promote and expand the gathering of 22 sailors internationally with the help of regatta activities.

The working group is primarily concerned with the development of common ideas and projects that benefit the 22 sqm yacht class as a whole. International exchanges and regattas across national borders play an important role here. International work is a challenge. We have to overcome cultural differences or language barriers. Understanding about „the sailing sport organs are organized differently in the countries“ must also be taken into account. We sailors also “tick” differently depending on the country and region.

It is an advantage for the working group to understand these differences and to be able to deal with them. The working group is made up of members of active owners of 22 sqm yachts from different regions across national borders. This mixed linguistic and cultural composition, as a representation of the 22 sqm sailors, allows dealing with these differences in a small group.

The working group is pursuing appropriate public relations work in order to make the information and activities more visible to the 22 sqm sailors. This German-language website was activated when the first international regatta was announced in order to convey information about technology / building regulations and history beyond the language barriers.

We in the international working group strive to build and maintain good relationships.