The 22 sq.m. Yacht

The 22 sq.m. is a class of classic racing yachts, the Square Metre Yachts, also known as Skerry Cruisers. The 22′s are a construction class, meaning that the boats are not identical but are all designed to meet specific measurement formula, in this case the Square Metre Yacht Rule.

1929 the SSF, Swedish Sailing Association, approved a variation of the 22 with the intention to make new constructions cheaper to build. This variant was called B22, why the primal 22, built according to Square Metre Rule from 1925, got the name A22.

Today, the A22′s are one of Sweden’s few construction classes that race on a high level. 1928 the 22 class received international status which was dissolved 1973. Since the beginning of the 1970ties, the class has kept its SM-Fleet (Swedish Championship) status.

Notable with the class is, that yachts since the revision of the Rule 1925 and new constructions still race on same terms. This makes the Square Metre Yacht Rule and the 22′s unique, comparing with many other classes.