World Cup 2018 (english)

World Cup 2018 and Skerry Cruiser Cup / international Swedish Championships for the 22 sq. Metre Yachts

Date: Tuesday 31st July to Sunday 5th August 2018
Organising Club: Alingsås Segelsällskap
Location: Alingsås, Sweden, on the lake Mjörn, 50 km east of Gothenburg.

 The lake Mjörn is a freshwater lake, with no high waves, but mostly with constant winds. See on YouTube the movies, Team Carlsson A 22 and the A22 SM taken place 1992 on the lake Mjörn.

Regatta Schedule:

  • Tuesday afternoon July 31st, Tune Up Race for all 22 sq. Metre Yachts
  • Wednesday August 1st, races Skerry Cruiser Cup / int. A22 SM and category Beauty
  • Thursday 2nd August, races Skerry Cruiser Cup / int.A22 SM and category Beauty
    (Category Beauty: In a second starting group, 5 minutes after the A22, this starting category is for the 22 sq. Metre Yachts which do not have an A22 measurement letter or are constructed before 1925)
  • Friday 3rd August, races World Cup, for all 22 sq. Metre Yachts
  • Saturday 4th August, races World Cup, for all 22 sq. Metre Yachts
  • Sunday 5th August, reserve day

Reserve the World Cup 2018 date and register your nonbinding interest in the Interessentenliste ! A detailed Notice of Race follows in the course of November / December 2017.

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